Woertz – Your Partner for efficient global solutions

Woertz – Your Partner for efficient global solutions

Woertz sells more than products and components

Woertz is a competent partner for electrical installation technique for more than 90 years now.

The experience acquired for decades guarantees the best possible results – for each person involved.
Our wide selection includes products of Swiss quality and European standards.

Cabling systems

The quality of cabling systems is defined by the investment, the maintenance costs for possible repairs, the modifications or extensions as well as the operational safety of the connected functions. Woertz flat cable systems guarantee maximum flexibility and cost efficiency. The patented system guarantees error-free installat-ions, as well as minimized connection resistance and energy losses thanks to insulation piercing technology. Woertz flat cable systems enable fast installation without special tools and a reduction in installation costs of 30% – in the case of an extension, even 60%.


The quality and service life of switchgears depends significantly on the choice of terminal technology. Woertz has a complete range of high quality terminals for every application. Whether screw terminals, spring-loaded terminals or plug-in spring terminals – Woertz terminals are characterized by fast installation and optimum contacting.

Cable laying systems

Woertz meets the market expectations and offers solutions for all application areas. It is thanks to many years of experience, that Woertz cable management systems can be flexibly integrated into your environment with the shape and design you rightfully expect. A wide range, with many expansion possibilities, make these systems the cornerstones for modern and durable electrical installations. Cable management has never been more flexible and elegant.


Building automation

For years, the degree of automation in residential and commercial buildings has been steadily increasing. The reasons for this are, among other things, the increasing need of user comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Above all, energy efficiency is more relevant than ever before, given the ever-reduction of available energy. Users want to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing comfort. We have made it our mission to realize the building automation energy and material saving, by settling for decentralized intelligence.

Fire safety systems

Maximum safety, reliability, flexibility and an optimal cost-benefit ratio are the central requirements of clients and investors. Fire safety systems must guarantee a high degree of operational safety of the controlled functions.
The quality of cabling systems is defined by the investment, the maintenance costs for possible repairs, the modifications or extensions as well as the operational safety of the connected functions. Woertz system solutions ensure that the required functions can be implemented as planned.

Woertz is committed to quality meeting customers‘ needs and providing convenient solutions


Modern buildings are complex systems which combine a range of requirements. House builders and investors ask for energy efficiency, functionality, modularity and flexibility of use. Project planning and implementation have therefore to fulfil many requirements. In addition, time and cost pressure remain high. As a result both human and technical resources are very much in demand.

Woertz solutions for all applications

Wherever it is difficult, we help our customers with intelligent solutions. As a leading manufacturer of complete installation systems and components for electrical installations, Woertz stands for quality, customer proximity and innovation. With us, the most diverse technologies have their place under one roof.

New products and innovations

Experience our performance · Be inspired by our new products. See how diverse Woertz can be as your competent and fair partner. All Woertz systems are perfectly connected between the individual areas and merge seamlessly into each other. Even complex project sections can thus be combined with each other in various forms across several working levels. Everything from a single source with an experienced consulting team as your partner.

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