44442E Verkabelung_2018
Flat Cab­ling systems
44442E Gebaeudeautomation_2018
Buil­ding auto­ma­ti­on
44443E Brandsicherheit_2018
Fire safe­ty systems


Firmenpräsentation inkl. Referenzen
Com­pa­ny pre­sen­ta­ti­on
Woertz Pro­jects World­wi­de
Cover Emobililty E
Flat cab­ling systems E‑Mobility
Aufzugsschacht E
Flat cable for lift shafts
Flyer LED escape route lighting EN
LED escape rou­te light­ing

Assem­bly inst­ruc­tions for flat cable

Assembly instructions for flat cable combi Woertz AG
Flat cable com­bi
Assembly instructions for flat cable power Woertz AG
Flat cable power
Assembly instructions for flat cable multibus Woertz AG
Flat cable mul­ti­bus
Assembly instructions for flat cable 5G16mm2 Woertz AG
Flat cable 5G16mm2

KNX pro­duct data­ba­ses and app­li­ca­ti­on inst­ruc­tions:

Bilder KNX EN
Rap­tor Switch actua­tor, 2‑fold
Bilder KNX EN 2
Rap­tor Blind actua­tor, 1‑fold
Bilder KNX EN 3
Rap­tor Bina­ry input 4‑fold
Bilder KNX EN 4
Rap­tor Dim­ming actua­tor 2‑fold
Bilder KNX EN 5
Rap­tor USB Inter­face
Bilder KNX EN 6
Rap­tor Radio receiver/media coup­ler
Bilder KNX EN 10
Rap­tor blind actua­tor 2‑fold, 3 end swit­ches
Bilder KNX EN 11
Rap­tor blind actua­tor 3‑fold, 2 end swit­ches
Bilder KNX EN 12
Rap­tor switch actua­tor 3‑fold
Bilder KNX EN 9
Gate­way MP-Bus to KNX
Bilder KNX EN 7
Wea­ther sta­ti­on
Bilder KNX EN 8
Fan coil con­trol­ler