A com­pe­tent part­ner for more than 90 years now

In 1928, as an inno­va­ti­ve con­trac­tor, Oskar Woertz had the idea of sim­pli­fy­ing the elec­tro­tech­ni­cal com­pon­ents accord­ing to the wis­hes of Swiss instal­lers. Pla­ners and crafts­men had their work faci­li­ta­ted. Inve­stors and con­struc­tors could car­ry out their pro­jects with the novel com­pon­ents quicker and with a hig­her qua­li­ty. Brief­ly: thanks to inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons Oskar Woertz made it pos­si­ble to acqui­re maxi­mal effi­ci­en­cy with mini­mal effort. It’s the­re­fo­re not sur­pri­sing that it gave birth to a pro­spe­rous com­pa­ny which is still family-owned.

Woertz has about 230 employees acti­ve on two loca­ti­ons in Switz­er­land name­ly Mut­tenz and Höl­stein. Caro­le Woertz is in char­ge of the manage­ment of this third genera­ti­on fami­ly dri­ven enter­pri­se, one of the last com­pa­nies in that indu­stry to be fami­ly owned in Switzerland.