Flat cable from the inven­tor

The Woertz flat cable system makes it pos­si­ble to crea­te con­nec­tions and bran­ches direct­ly and effi­ci­ent­ly at any point without cable breaks, even at a later point in time.

Com­fort, relia­bi­li­ty, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and an opti­mal cost / bene­fit ratio are gua­ran­te­ed as well as a high level of instal­la­ti­on and ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty as well as simp­le and effi­ci­ent adap­t­ati­on to chan­ging user requi­re­ments for the flat cable.

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Are­as of app­li­ca­ti­on with Woertz flat cable system

Charging station flat cable
Char­ging infra­st­ruc­tu­re for e‑mobility
Elevator cage flat cable
Lift shaft cab­ling
Dali System Lighting flat cable
Office and com­mer­ce DALI illu­mi­na­ti­ons
Smart Home Building Automation
Buil­ding auto­ma­ti­on with flat cable system
Evacuation galleries project flat cable
LED illu­mi­na­ti­ons for access, res­cue, escape tun­nel
Fire safety flat cable
Fire safe­ty wiring in buil­dings

The spe­cial of the Woertz quick con­nec­tion systems


  • Cable laid in one pie­ce
  • The cable is not inter­rup­ted
  • Junc­tion boxes decen­tra­li­zed at the con­su­mer
  • End users can be pre-assem­bled
  • System expan­si­on pos­si­ble at any time


Flat cable system paten­ted sin­ce 1972

Woertz is the inven­tor of the flat cable and alrea­dy paten­ted the system in 1972. The revo­lu­tio­na­ry instal­la­ti­on system has now been paten­ted world­wi­de.

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1st genera­ti­on poin­ted screw tech­no­lo­gy paten­ted by Woertz


  • quick con­nec­tions (assem­bly)
  • con­ti­nuous con­nec­tion
  • Poin­ted screw
  • Junc­tion box with pole con­duc­tor selec­tion
  • Lon­gi­tu­di­nal con­nec­tion
  • Inte­gra­ted locking
  • Hin­ged lid
  • Twist-pro­of due to cable geo­me­try
  • Assem­bly errors not pos­si­ble
  • Time requi­red 2 to 3 minu­tes


2nd genera­ti­on kni­fe tech­no­lo­gy paten­ted by Woertz

  • Spe­cial: all parts are back­wards com­pa­ti­ble
  • Junc­tion box with pole con­duc­tor selec­tion
  • Lon­gi­tu­di­nal con­nec­tion
  • Inte­gra­ted locking
  • Hin­ged lid
  • Twist-pro­of due to cable geo­me­try
  • Assem­bly errors not pos­si­ble
  • Time expen­dit­u­re under 1 minu­te
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Flat cable com­pa­red to round cable


  • High assem­bly effort with round cable instal­la­ti­on
  • Cut round cable from box to box
  • Lead the cable through the socket
  • Strip the jacket
  • Strip the wires
  • Crimp end slee­ves
  • Clamp the wires in the clamp
  • Clo­se the can
  • Instal­la­ti­on only by a spe­cia­list
  • Time 10 to 15 minu­tesv


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  • High IP pro­tec­tion class
  • low instal­la­ti­on effort
  • Easy hand­ling and easy expan­da­bi­li­ty
  • IP68 pro­tec­ted at every loca­ti­on.


Flat Cable System
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Woertz Power Flat Cable 5g10mm2 ip

Whe­re are this Woertz-cables used?

  • The high IP68 degree of pro­tec­tion enab­les use in tun­nel con­struc­tion, whe­re many con­nec­tions have to be made on long instal­la­ti­on rou­tes.
  • The system offers gre­at fle­xi­bi­li­ty and robust­ness in all con­struc­tion and usa­ge pha­ses. The­se are ide­al pro­per­ties for use in buil­ding con­struc­tion and civil engi­nee­ring.
  • IP66 / 68 not only enab­les use in a humid envi­ron­ment, the boxes are dust­pro­of and thus enab­le a con­ve­ni­ent instal­la­ti­on method in work­shops, joi­ners or indu­stri­al plants.
  • No ela­bo­ra­te sealing mea­su­res are requi­red for the flat cable sockets. The cable is not inter­rup­ted and the­re­fo­re no sources of error are instal­led.

Woertz flat-cables cer­ti­fied to the hig­hest stan­dard accord­ing to B2ca s1 d0.

The Con­struc­tion Pro­ducts Regu­la­ti­on spe­ci­fies which clas­ses have to be used in ever­y­day con­struc­tion work. Woertz flat cable systems are halo­gen-free, have fla­me-retar­dant and low-smo­ke pro­per­ties – accord­ing to IEC and EN. With the hig­hest con­struc­tion pro­duct clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on B2ca s1 d0 a1, our flat cables are far abo­ve the stan­dard requi­re­ments of cables without cri­ti­cal beha­vi­or. With our solu­ti­ons we gua­ran­tee you a safe instal­la­ti­on in buil­dings – even in the worst case.

Woertz – of the flat cable..

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