New mem­ber at

We are proud to be a new mem­ber of swiss-emo­bi­li­ty and hope to con­tri­bu­te to the emer­ging e‑mobility market.

Woertz Cab­ling for E‑Mobility: The fle­xi­ble and at any time expan­da­ble instal­la­ti­on system for your par­king space! The expan­si­on of the instal­la­ti­on with addi­tio­nal char­ging sta­ti­ons is pos­si­ble at any time.

For the instal­la­ti­on of the E‑Mobility char­ging infra­st­ruc­tu­re neit­her an inter­rup­ti­on of the flat cable nor a strip­ping of the insu­la­ti­on is necessa­ry. Thanks to the Woertz pier­cing con­ta­ct, a safe con­nec­tion without spe­cial tools is gua­ran­te­ed. The pole con­duc­tors can­not be confused.