New pro­ducts and innovations

Expe­ri­ence our per­for­mance · Be inspi­red by our new pro­ducts. See how diver­se Woertz can be as your com­pe­tent and fair part­ner.

All Woertz systems are per­fect­ly con­nec­ted bet­ween the indi­vi­du­al are­as and mer­ge seam­less­ly into each other. Even com­plex pro­ject sec­tions can thus be com­bi­ned with each other in various forms across several working levels. Ever­ything from a sin­gle source with an expe­ri­en­ced con­sul­ting team as your partner.

Patents in the last five years

  • 7 patents in flat cable systems
  • 2 patents in buil­ding auto­ma­ti­on systems
  • 4 patents in con­nec­tion systems
  • 5 patents in safe­ty systems

In Euro­pe and Worldwide!


The Woertz cab­ling system makes it pos­si­ble to crea­te con­nec­tions direct­ly and effi­ci­ent­ly without cable breaks at any point and at a later time. Thus, adjust­ments and enhan­ce­ments can be made with litt­le effort and con­ti­nue to use the exi­sting instal­la­ti­on. Com­fort, relia­bi­li­ty, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and an opti­mal cost / bene­fit ratio are just as much gua­ran­te­ed as a high degree of instal­la­ti­on and ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty.

With the new genera­ti­on 2.0, the paten­ted pier­cing tech­no­lo­gy, which has been pro­ven for 40 years, has been per­fec­ted with new ide­as. Com­pa­red with the cable con­struc­tion, which is alrea­dy manu­fac­tu­red with mini­mal tole­ran­ces, the new con­struc­tion ensu­res even more pre­cise posi­tio­ning of the con­ta­ct ele­ments to the con­duc­tors in the cable. By fur­ther impro­ved con­ta­ct tran­si­ti­ons ener­gy los­ses are fur­ther minimized.

The plug system from Woertz was deve­lo­ped to meet the hig­hest deman­ds.
The new pre-assem­bled IP20 con­nec­tor system can be easi­ly exten­ded to IP68 with a spe­cial sealing element.

The con­nec­tors are avail­ab­le in 3 or 5‑pole ver­si­ons with a cross-sec­tion of 1.5mm² to 2.5mm² in any cable length. The IP20 system is com­pa­ti­ble with stan­dard con­nec­tors (code / 1 or code / 2).

Junc­tion boxes with fuse adap­ter for IP66 / 68 pro­tec­tion exten­si­on for flat cable systems. The fuse adap­ter enab­les cross-sec­tio­n­al tape­ring in the net­work out­side of con­trol cabi­nets. The inte­gra­ted com­mer­cial fuses can be repla­ced without loss of IP cha­rac­te­ri­stics. The avail­ab­le cross sec­tions are from 2.5 – 16 mm² con­nec­ta­ble with up to 3 cable glands.

In the case of the E90 ver­si­on, the con­su­mers are dis­con­nec­ted in the event of a short cir­cuit and the­re­fo­re do not have to com­ply with a fire classification.

The media chan­nels as an inno­va­ti­on to our alrea­dy some years exi­sting and high­ly suc­cess­ful two-row chan­nels for hospi­tals, we pro­vi­de our latest deve­lo­p­ment as an ide­al complement.

The sizes 140x90 and 200x90 are now avail­ab­le. Media chan­nels with only elec­tri­cal and media are­as are often not enough to keep the requi­red distan­ces bet­ween the many con­nec­tions. We now offer the full fle­xi­bi­li­ty for your plan­ning, sin­ce you can adjust the chan­nels espe­cial­ly with dif­fe­rent com­bi­na­ti­ons, to their needs.

The floor ducts can be assi­gned insi­de from 5 – 22mm, as well as expan­da­ble with moun­ting kits and pro­tec­ti­ve housings. The sus­pen­ded she­ets are avail­ab­le in steel, alu­mi­num and chro­me steel ver­si­ons. Kabel­mul­de­ats are stan­dard and avail­ab­le in dif­fe­rent vari­ants. Woo­den lid inserts can be orde­red at any time. The­se are put on a rub­ber rim.The floor ducts with visi­ble lids are made of alu­mi­num and ano­di­sed. The frames are natu­ral­ly ano­di­zed with an alu­mi­num profile.

We are offe­ring the new hand­rail system to com­ple­te the Woertz fire safe­ty systems with inte­gra­ted LED light­ing and flat cable power dis­tri­bu­ti­on.
Through the tar­ge­ted selec­tion of mate­ri­als, Woertz has suc­ce­e­ded in redu­cing the fire load and thus the smo­ke deve­lo­p­ment to a mini­mum while at the same time incre­a­sing the func­tion to a maximum.