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All Woertz systems are perfectly connected between the individual areas and merge seamlessly into each other. Even complex project sections can thus be combined with each other in various forms across several working levels. Everything from a single source with an experienced consulting team as your partner.

Patents in the last five years

  • 7 patents in flat cable systems
  • 2 patents in building automation systems
  • 4 patents in connection systems
  • 5 patents in safety systems

In Europe and Worldwide!


The Woertz cabling system makes it possible to create connections directly and efficiently without cable breaks at any point and at a later time. Thus, adjustments and enhancements can be made with little effort and continue to use the existing installation. Comfort, reliability, flexibility and an optimal cost / benefit ratio are just as much guaranteed as a high degree of installation and operational safety.

With the new generation 2.0, the patented piercing technology, which has been proven for 40 years, has been perfected with new ideas. Compared with the cable construction, which is already manufactured with minimal tolerances, the new construction ensures even more precise positioning of the contact elements to the conductors in the cable. By further improved contact transitions energy losses are further minimized.

The plug system from Woertz was developed to meet the highest demands.
The new pre-assembled IP20 connector system can be easily extended to IP68 with a special sealing element.

The connectors are available in 3 or 5-pole versions with a cross-section of 1.5mm² to 2.5mm² in any cable length. The IP20 system is compatible with standard connectors (code / 1 or code / 2).

Junction boxes with fuse adapter for IP66 / 68 protection extension for flat cable systems. The fuse adapter enables cross-sectional tapering in the network outside of control cabinets. The integrated commercial fuses can be replaced without loss of IP characteristics. The available cross sections are from 2.5 – 16mm2 connectable with up to 3 cable glands.

In the case of the E90 version, the consumers are disconnected in the event of a short circuit and therefore do not have to comply with a fire classification.

The media channels as an innovation to our already some years existing and highly successful two-row channels for hospitals, we provide our latest development as an ideal complement.

The sizes 140×90 and 200×90 are now available. Media channels with only electrical and media areas are often not enough to keep the required distances between the many connections. We now offer the full flexibility for your planning, since you can adjust the channels especially with different combinations, to their needs.

The floor ducts can be assigned inside from 5 – 22mm, as well as expandable with mounting kits and protective housings. The suspended sheets are available in steel, aluminum and chrome steel versions. Kabelmuldeats are standard and available in different variants. Wooden lid inserts can be ordered at any time. These are put on a rubber rim.The floor ducts with visible lids are made of aluminum and anodised. The frames are naturally anodized with an aluminum profile.

We are offering the new handrail system to complete the Woertz fire safety systems with integrated LED lighting and flat cable power distribution.
Through the targeted selection of materials, Woertz has succeeded in reducing the fire load and thus the smoke development to a minimum while at the same time increasing the function to a maximum.