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Woertz can be your competent and fair partner, in all your electrical needs.

All Woertz systems are individually connected which match perfectly and seamlessly into one another. Even the most complex project can be combined in various forms on several levels. Everything under one roof with an experienced consultancy team as your partner.



  • Pluggable connectors for IP20 and IP68 installations

Woertz has developed a pluggable connector system for the highest expectations.
–  New Connectors IP20 pre-assembled pluggable connector system can easily be enhanced to IP68 thanks to an optional sealing tube.
–  This connector systems are available in 3 and 5 poles versions, covering the range from 1,5mm² to 2,5mm², with all usual cable lengths.
–  The IP20 system is compatible with the commonly available connectors (code1 or code2) in the market.

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  • Hospital cable ducts MEK 4675/140×90 and MEK 675/200×90

The new cable ducts complement the successful existing range of special hospital double chamber cable ducts. The double chamber cable ducts are sometimes too small to install all necessary connections and attachments respecting the required spacing.
We offer you flexibility in your planfications by proposing various combinations to perfectly suit your needs.

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  • E90 Handrail system

Completing the security systems product range, Woertz introduces a combined handrail system with integrated evacuation LED lighting and security flat cable trunking.
By an appropriate material choice, Woertz has succeeded to reduce the potential burning mass in case of fire, hence reducing the smoke emission, and simultaneously maximising the resistance to fire of the system.

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  • E90 vertical cable fixing system

The innovative and patented E90 rated vertical cable fixing system is specially designed to secure flat cables vertically to walls or cable ladders. The self fastening attachment guarantees, in case of fire, that the conductors of the burned cable remain in place, hence assuring that no function interruption occurs.
In case of fire the E90 function maintenance is assured at all times.

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  • Flat cable systems for Dali lighting (3×2.5+BUS-DALI)

The inventor of the flat cables completes it’s Dali product line with the introduction of a single phase system. Optimise your mediumconsumption installations by using the new single phase Dali flat cable from Woertz.
You will continue to enjoy all the well known advantages and installation speed with the new Dali flat cable from Woertz.
Avoid the high confusion risk of mis-using a 5 core cable as combined power and bus solution, by using the new dedicated single phase plus bus, clearly coded cable from Woertz.

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  • Fuse adapter

Woertz presents with an expansion of its already extensive Fire Safety system, the new fuse adapter. The fuse adapter enables cross-section rejuvenation in the network outside of control cabinets. Commercially available fuses can be exchanged without loss of IP-protection.
With the E90 version, in the event of a short-circuit the consumer will be separated and must not comply with any fire classification.


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  • FE cable with British Standards (BS) approval

The newly developed cable in usage with metallic cable trays has now been certified by the British Standards, allowing us to expand our fire safety system.  The more difficult test conditions included fire -, water – and shock tests, passing with ease.



  • Building automation

Our new generation of Raptors offers multiple output channels per Raptor. With integrated current measurement, the spent electricity on the KNX bus is available at any time. Power surges can be avoided and optimized in building energy management.

The new Raptor generation:

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  • On flat cable adapted IP68 LED lighting for suspension on wire cables

This innovative system allows you to attach almost limitless LED lighting on our flat cable and determine the lighting direction.  Another way of fast lighting installation that can be placed in hard to reach places with numerous application possibilities.