The Gotthard Base Tunnel: The longest railway tunnel in the world at 57 Km.

Lighting during construction of railway tunnel
Emergency lighting in railway tunnel

With her NRLA project (New Rail Link through the Alps – called NEAT project in German), Switzerland, the tiny country writes a remarkable new railway story. Both human and technical resources have to combine a lot of high requirements. All that has led to the development of a new connection box with high degree of protection. Thanks to the piercing technology substantial time savings will be performed. IP protection : A high protection degree requires the highest demands on the installation material.

Safety first even in the longest tunnel in the world. Even after several years of operation a visible and good working emergency lighting is essential. The Woertz flat cable has to meet new requirements.  Thanks to the recently designed flat cable with insulation integrity up to 180 minutes, the emergency lighting will be fed during three hours in case of fire and so the tunnel may be evacuated simply and safely FE180

Tunnel construction – Tunnel lighting

Special applications require special solutions

Lithos housing by Woertz
The plastic housings are made of high-quality polycarbonate or ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) Lithos. They are particularly suitable for the containment of electrical and electronic components as well as complete small controllers.

Flat cable systems