The Gott­hard Base Tun­nel: The lon­gest rail­way tun­nel in the world at 57 Km.

Light­ing during con­struc­tion of rail­way tun­nel
Emer­gen­cy light­ing in rail­way tun­nel

With her NRLA pro­ject (New Rail Link through the Alps – cal­led NEAT pro­ject in Ger­man), Switz­er­land, the tiny coun­try wri­tes a remar­kab­le new rail­way sto­ry. Both human and tech­ni­cal resour­ces have to com­bi­ne a lot of high requi­re­ments. All that has led to the deve­lo­p­ment of a new con­nec­tion box with high degree of pro­tec­tion. Thanks to the pier­cing tech­no­lo­gy sub­stan­ti­al time savings will be per­for­med. IP pro­tec­tion : A high pro­tec­tion degree requi­res the hig­hest deman­ds on the instal­la­ti­on mate­ri­al.

Safe­ty first even in the lon­gest tun­nel in the world. Even after several years of ope­ra­ti­on a visi­ble and good working emer­gen­cy light­ing is essen­ti­al. The Woertz flat cable has to meet new requi­re­ments.  Thanks to the recent­ly desi­gned flat cable with insu­la­ti­on inte­gri­ty up to 180 minu­tes, the emer­gen­cy light­ing will be fed during three hours in case of fire and so the tun­nel may be evacua­ted sim­ply and safe­ly FE180