Fire safe­ty in buildings

As a spe­cia­li­zed manu­fac­tu­rer of flat cables and fire pro­tec­tion cables, our goal is to meet the hig­hest stan­dards of qua­li­ty and safe­ty with pro­ducts and system solu­ti­ons. In an ever more con­den­sed buil­ding and room envi­ron­ment and the incre­a­sing num­ber of peo­p­le living in it, we see as manu­fac­tu­r­ers and mar­ket par­ti­ci­pan­ts of the elec­tri­cal indu­stry, it is our respon­si­bi­li­ty to make a con­tri­bu­ti­on to grea­ter security.

The Cons­truc­tion Pro­ducts Regu­la­ti­on spe­ci­fi­es which clas­ses must be used in today’s ever­y­day cons­truc­tion. Woertz flat cable systems are halo­gen-free, have fla­me retar­dant and low-smo­ke pro­per­ties – accor­ding to IEC and EN. With the hig­hest buil­ding pro­duct clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on B2ca s1 d0 a1 our flat cables are far abo­ve the stan­dard requi­re­ments of cables wit­hout cri­ti­cal beha­vi­or. With our solu­ti­ons, we gua­ran­tee a care­free instal­la­ti­on in buil­dings wit­hout fire risks.

Our flat cable system is ide­al for any lar­ge building:

  • low fire spread
  • fla­me retar­dant mate­ri­als and self-extinguishing.
  • Mini­mal smo­ke in case of fire
  • Func­tion main­ten­an­ce of a cable of over 180 minu­tes in case of fire
  • FRNC cabling systems pre­vent the spread of fire, as well as toxic gases.
  • Fire safe­ty systems accor­ding to E90, gua­ran­tee the com­ple­te ener­gy sup­p­ly during a fire. For a long time escape rou­tes are safe and illu­mi­na­ted for evacuations.