Medi­cal sup­p­ly units

Thanks to their modu­lar design, MEK 4675 power sup­p­ly systems pro­vi­de a cus­tom media sup­p­ly solu­ti­on for many are­as of pati­ent care, all vari­ants are made of sta­ble extru­ded alu­mi­num profiles.

Sup­p­ly units adapt to all needs with a varie­ty of dif­fe­rent combinations.

  • Mate­ri­al: extru­ded alu­mi­num 2.2 mm
  • Dimen­si­ons: 250 × 90 mm, 200 × 90 mm and 140 × 90 mm
  • Stan­dard length: 2000 mm, stan­dard ver­si­on: RAL 9010 or anodized
  • Sales points: Drä­ger, Drä­ger AGFS, Pan­Gas, etc.
  • At the bot­tom of the ope­nings for gas drainage
  • Net­work Com­pon­ents: Fel­ler EDI­ZIO­due, Hager kal­ly­sto etc.
  • Nur­se call: Tyco, Ascom, etc.
  • Com­pu­ter and audio com­pon­ents as spe­ci­fi­ed by the user