Smart Buil­ding

The degree of auto­ma­ti­on in resi­den­ti­al and func­tio­n­al buil­dings has been incre­a­sing steadi­ly for years. The rea­sons for smart buil­ding lie, among other things, in the incre­a­sing need of users for com­fort, secu­ri­ty and ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy. We have made it our task to imple­ment buil­ding auto­ma­ti­on in a way that saves ener­gy and mate­ri­als by using decen­tra­li­zed cab­ling.

  • We install Woertz actua­tors in «Rap­tor» housings, which are used to lock them onto a flat cable. The cab­ling effort is con­si­der­ab­ly sim­pli­fied and thanks to the uni­que con­nec­tion opti­on.
  • Assign­ments to up to 3 dif­fe­rent secu­ri­ty objects (e.g. for wind, rain, alarm)
  • Beha­vi­or in the event of bus vol­ta­ge fail­u­re and return adjusta­ble
  • Manu­al ope­ra­ti­on on the device (test but­ton) to check the func­tion and direc­tion of rota­ti­on.
  • Are­as of app­li­ca­ti­on: Vene­ti­an blinds, rol­ler shutters, awnings or win­dows
  • Inde­pen­dent con­trol of the 3 out­puts

Fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on on the sub­ject: Flat cable